Easy Exit Listing Agreement for Billings Homeowners

Over the years that Amber Uhren has worked with Billings's homeowners, assisting them in the sale of their homes, she's learned a lot about common anxieties. One of the most prevalent is being locked into a long listing agreement, with no way out.

It's understandable that you might be anxious about this – after all, the real estate agent you hire is probably someone you don't know all that well. What if he or she doesn't perform up to your standards? What if the two of you don't get along?

Listing your home with Amber Uhren does away with this apprehension. With her Easy Exit Listing Agreement you can relax, knowing you'll never have to worry and you'll never have to explain. If you want out of your listing contract, just give her a 30 day notice and it's over -- with no hard feelings.

It takes confidence in one's ability to provide amazing customer service to be able to make this kind of offer – a confidence that Amber has earned through years of working with Billings homeowners. She knows that you'll be happy with her work ethic, with her powerful marketing plan and with the results she provides.

The simple truth is that Amber Uhren will get your Billings home sold quickly, efficiently and for top dollar. She guarantees it!