Are You Ready to own a Home in Billings?

Once you decide that you'd like to purchase your first home in Billings, it's easy to be swept away by the dream. Sure, it's exciting, but it's important to remember that, above all else, buying a home is a financial decision and should be treated as such.

There's a lot of preparation that needs to take place before you step one foot inside a home for sale in Billings. It's so important that you understand the process and take the steps, in order. The first step is figuring out if you're financially and emotionally prepared to buy a home.


Are you ready to buy in Billings?

That Billings home you're dreaming of won't maintain itself. Will you have the money to perform routine upkeep? More important, will you be able to afford emergency repairs as they arise?

Sure, it's great to imagine ditching your landlord, but remember, that landlord is the one that pays when the plumbing needs repair or the roof springs a leak.

Financial experts claim that a good rule of thumb is to ensure you have at least 1 percent of the purchase price set aside for emergency home maintenance needs.

How much House can you afford?

Since this is your first home, we can assume you've been renting up until now. The first thing you need to know is that owning a home may be more expensive than renting one. You'll need a chunk of cash to give the lender as a down payment, then more cash at closing. Then, there are the ongoing home maintenance costs.

We've found that many first-time homebuyers in Billings don't have a handle on the true cost of homeownership and especially about the costs of purchasing a house.

You will need to see a lender to learn how much you can afford to spend on a home. Do you need help with down payment assistance in Billings or help with paying closing costs? This is the first step – before you start touring Billings properties on the market.

Aside from knowing how much you can spend on a home, the lender can supply you with a loan pre-approval letter – something that many home sellers demand with an offer to purchase.

Finally, going into the home shopping process with a firm grasp on how much you can spend saves time – both yours and your agent's.

Amber Can Help

If you feel you're ready to purchase your first home in Billings, congratulations! Amber is standing by, ready to help every step of the way.

Her commitment to her clients is unwavering: she will find you the right home in Billings at the right price. Don't hesitate to contact Amber Uhren to find out more about how she can make buying your first Billings home easy.