Josephine Crossing and Riverfront Pointe Homes for Sale

We get a lot of requests from our clients to look at homes in two subdivisions in our MLS Search Area 5, Josephine Crossing and Riverfront Pointe. The two are popular for a number of reasons; chief among them though is their proximity to the West End and downtown.

If you're new to Billings, allow us to introduce you to these two popular Billings subdivisions.

Josephine Crossing

Josephine Crossing's developer had a plan: design the subdivision in a way that would help residents build a sense of connection to one another. To that end, homes here sit on small lots and are quite close to one another – ideal for that occasional tête-à-tête from the front porch, between neighbors.

Josephine Crossing's 220 residences exhibit a mix of styles, from small cottages and patio homes to larger family homes and they range in price from $170,000 to more than $350,000. Most have garages in the rear. When you buy a house in Josephine Crossing you'll find your new neighbors to be a diverse bunch as well, from young families and singles to retirees.

The developer also wanted to create a small-town vibe so he made the streets narrow (the better to slow traffic speeds), created park spaces where neighbors can gather and added brightly-colored front porches to the homes, reminiscent of Small Town U.S.A. The neighborhood's amphitheater was a great idea to help bring neighbors together and it is used for free summer concerts.

Josephine Crossing's developer had one final dream when designing the subdivision – in keeping with Smart Growth concepts he wanted to preserve open space. To that end, Josephine Crossing's location near Norm's Island is no accident.

You'll find an access road from the neighborhood to the banks of the Yellowstone River. Here you can jog, walk the pooch and let the kids run, all under the watchful eye of the Beartooth Mountains.

While you'll never have to worry about urban sprawl at Josephine Crossing, the area is zoned for residential as well as commercial and plans are in the works to have several small businesses in the area to serve residents. These will be located south of the amphitheater.

Children in Josephine Crossing attend Elysian School for grades K through 8 and then go on to Senior High School for grades 9 through 12.