The Amber Uhren Billings Home Marketing Plan

There is one real estate fact that nobody can deny: for a sale to occur, homes must be marketed to the right pool of buyers. This is true in all markets, from California to New York to right here in Billings.

Amber Uhren's all-in commitment to marketing includes a results-driven, time-tested marketing plan.

The Right Exposure

To ensure that your Billings home sells fast and for the maximum amount of money possible requires a strategic online presence – one that only Amber Uhren with Montana Real Estate Brokers can provide.

Amber understands that today's Billings homebuyer employs the Internet almost exclusively when looking for homes for sale. Thankfully, with her background in IT, Amber has the knowledge and technology expertise to make the most of what the Internet has to offer.

A reliance on technology isn't the only tool in Amber's marketing arsenal. As a lifelong resident of Billings, Amber has built an impressive network of contacts – folks that will help her get maximum eyeballs on your property and may just know someone that wants to buy it.

The Right Price

There's a fine line between pricing your home too high and pricing it too low. Price your home for sale in Billings too high and your run the risk of having it sit on the market, languishing. After a while, buyers begin to wonder what's wrong with it – why nobody wants to buy it. You may have to price it below market value just to drum up interest in it.

Price your house for sale in Billings too low and you're leaving money on the table.

Neither of these scenarios is acceptable to Amber, which is why she has devoted herself to a thorough understanding of the Billings real estate market, the homes that have sold and the homes currently on the market.

She is probably more familiar with home values in your Billings neighborhood than any other agent in town. Of course, you make the final decision on what price you want, but Amber, relying on her knowledge of home sales in Billings and local Billings MLS statistics, will offer you her expert opinion.

The Bottom Line

Most every real estate agent in Billings makes the same percentage when it comes to commission – whether they just got their license or they're seasoned professionals. In other words, you'll pay the same amount of money for the services of a dabbler as you will for a dedicated professional like Amber Uhren. Listing with the wrong Billings real estate agent could cost you thousands of dollars-your equity, your life savings, and even your credit, are all on the line. The big decision that needs to be made here is, deciding who you're going to trust handling everything for you and your family

Which will you choose? A dabbler or a full time real estate Broker in Billings with a successful track record?