Billings, Montana Neighborhoods

If you're a newcomer to our city you may hear certain neighborhoods referred to by their proximity to "the Rims." One can either live above The Rims, near The Rims or below The Rims. So, just what are your new neighbors talking about?

Once upon a time, about 80 million years ago, North America was cut in two by a vast interior sea, known as the Western Interior Seaway. As the sea subsided, it left behind layers of sand, silt and clay that eventually became buried and then compressed.

Along came the Yellowstone River, carving its way through the sandstone, forming canyon walls that today we call The Rims.

"The Rims anchor the city's identity," says Mary Pickett of the Billings Gazette. "The sandstone prow that divides the lower part of the city from the Heights has been explored by humans for centuries."

The neighborhoods of Billings, the largest city in the State of Montana, are definitely blessed by both Mother Nature and some very talented developers.

Aside from The Rims as a natural GPS, you'll also hear about the West End. This, and the area known as Billing Heights, is where the bulk of the city's shopping and dining take place.

If you're in the market to purchase a newer home in Billings, you'll find many on the northwest side of town. Families with children tend to gravitate to this area. If you prefer a mix of the old and the new, then let's take a look at homes between Grand and The Rims, north of Rimrock Road.

Whatever you're looking for in a neighborhood and in a home, Billings has it. We aren't called the "Magic City" for nothing!

Feel free to browse each neighborhood and to call us with any questions about prices.